pale horse
Behold a Pale Horse
by Sally Spedding


‘In the beginning, is the end.’

A literary thriller set both in London and Roussillon in the south of France.

It’s 1983, and young, married Londoners, Clement and Catherine Ash re-locate to Collioure in Roussillon where he will open a branch of the ‘Maisons du Soleil’ estate agency, while she, languishing in a loveless relationship, meets and is seduced by the elderly Léon Tavernier, a man who shares with his sister – a butcher - a deadly wartime secret. Catherine who sang in an early music choir, also has dreams of Mordiern Guyon, a Templar knight who, with his fellow knight, an albino song writer, fled the purge in 1307. Their ill-fated love story interweaves with the present, culminating in a terrifying climax in the Royal Albert Hall during the Last Night of the Proms, where Tavernier has followed her. Where every life will be forever changed.