Snow Sisters
Snow Sisters
by Carol Lovekin
to be published by Honno Press September 21st

Verity and Meredith live with their fragile, narcissistic mother, Allegra, in an old house overlooking the West Wales coast. Gull House is their haven and they swear they will never leave. It also groans with the weight of its dark past. When Meredith discovers an old sewing box in an attic, she unwittingly releases the ghost of Angharad, a Victorian girl-child harbouring a horrific secret. As Angharad slowly reveals her story to Meredith, she fails to convince her more pragmatic sister the visitations are real, until Verity see the ghost for herself.
Forced by Allegra to leave Gull House and accompany her and her con-man lover to London, Meredith struggles. Still haunted by the ghost’s unfinished story, hurt by what she sees as Verity’s acquiescence to their mother’s selfishness, Meredith drifts into a world of her own. The sisters grow apart and it isn’t until years later that the last strand of Angharad’s story is revealed and the ones connecting Meredith and Verity are finally untangled.