Happy – The Only Way To Look At Life
by Dave Lewis
Self-help manual

Suffering from mild depression, having worked at over 20+ jobs during the last 30 years, having recently been made redundant in a jobs-void south Wales and now trying to survive on my wits I thought now was the perfect time to write a book I’ve been meaning to write for many years.
If I can manage to be ‘happy’, given my current precarious condition, then this book might be just the ticket for other stressed-out, frazzled, mid-life crisis Britons wondering why the world is turning so fast and will I ever get back on the ride. As a particularly eloquent friend of mine (in a similar situation) once put it – ‘What the fuck is going on with my life?’
“This short, concise manual will be a revelation to all those who struggle to find time to live a more meaningful life. This book will lift your spirits and force you to look at life in a much more free and considered way. The world does move too fast and this book helps us slow down, smell the roses and listen to the beating heart within us all.
It delivers a simple message in a funny and conversational style manner. Full of practical ideas to help improve mood, de-stress, get healthy and live a more worthwhile existence. The author has packed a lifetime of knowledge, wry observations and sensible advice into this volume and gives us hope for the future no matter what age, culture or background we are from

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