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Children's and Young Adult fiction, Science Fiction and Fantasy
Hi, I’m Colin R Parsons, and I write children’s and YA fiction. I was born in south Wales and have lived there all my life. I’m a full-time author and I’ve been writing seriously for about fifteen years, and this has culminated into a plethora of books.
The Wizards’ Kingdom trilogy was my first series, filled with fun, action and suspense. I went on to write and publish The Curious World Series – a two-book adventure set in a parallel universe. Since then I’ve written and published Crank Tech One: DESTRUCTION, and its prequel IU-137 - my first dabble into science fiction. The next book penned was House of Darke, a fast and furious adventure set in a weird house in the middle of know-where – with all sorts of strange events taking place.
D.I.S.C. Direct Interface Shadow Control is my next novel, with more books on the way.
I’m a writer, but my main source of work is doing events, such as running presentations and workshops in schools. I’m also asked to do talks at many venues and institutes, for a variety of organisations and reading circles, including book fairs and festivals.
I love my job, and if you want to know more about me and my books then please visit my website.

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