The Curlew
The Curlew

Nature Magazine
The Curlew is a high-quality print-only quarterly filled with creative essays, short stories, poetry and illustrations by fine writers and artists across the globe, all celebrating the natural world and our connection with it.

The Curlew also includes a section for writers and artists under 16, entitled ‘Sanderlings’, and has published poems, stories and photographs from contributors aged 10 to 15. As well as ‘Sanderlings’, there is a Classic Essay from inspirational nature writers of the past such as Richard Jefferies; a Featured Poet (Mervyn Linford from Suffolk, Luke Thompson from Cornwall, Gareth Culshaw from Wales); and a Featured Artist (Jonathan and Angela Scott, Cliff Wright). Each issue is named for a tree  – Quercus (Oak); Fraxinus (Ash); Pinus (Pine).
With the third issue now in press, The Curlew has become an aspirational publication for writers and artists, and a desirable, collectable series for readers across the globe. Contributors and customers have come from 11 countries, from India to New Zealand, USA to Japan. Since The Curlew is a volunteer, non-profit venture supporting conservation, contributors receive no payment, yet even high-profile writers and artists have submitted work.

Well-known names to be published include TV’s ‘Big Cat People’, Jonathan and Angela Scott, who contributed drawings of African wildlife; National Poet of Wales Gillian Clarke; iconic American nature writer Annie Dillard; celebrated Harry Potter artist Cliff Wright, award-winning Irish poets Mary O’Donnell and David Butler, and Royal Literary Fund poet Pippa Little.

As well as raising awareness of conservation issues via social media, The Curlew supports conservation projects around the world through its sales. The first two issues have contributed to the Cheetah Conservation Fund, the Welsh Wildlife Centre, the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, the New Zealand Conservation Trust (captive breeding of the endangered Kiwi) and the Wildlife Protection Society of India (protecting wild tigers from poachers). The third issue, which features an essay by John Muir and poems by two Scottish poets, will support the John Muir Conservation Trust and other organizations.

Lynne Parr  The Curlew is edited and published by Dr Lynn Parr, She has edited international magazines such as Artists & Illustrators, Horse, This England and Evergreen, as well as books, newspapers and scientific reports. Her books, articles, stories and essays have been published in the UK, USA and Ireland; she has had seven books published and had work featured in several others. Her books include a children’s adventure novel, Dangerous Secrets!; Champions of the Horse: Saving Rare Breeds; and her new book of nature essays, Still Waters: Fragments of Nature & Place. Last December she founded The Curlew, a literary quarterly of fine writing and illustration about the natural world, which is now in its third issue and has been distributed to 11 countries, with sales supporting conservation. She has a PhD in Ecology and an MA in Writing Nature & Place. She lives in Caerwedros, West Wales, with her husband, the sculptor Ben Dearnley.
Emerging writers and artists are as welcome in The Curlew as well-known ones. The Curlew’s mission is simply to provide endless inspiration about the natural world from the finest writing and illustration – and make a contribution to help protect the world that inspires us.

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