Will Macmillan Jones
Will Macmillan Jones

Paranormal mysteries and comic fantasy
A fifty something lover of blues, rock and jazz, I have recently fulfilled a lifetime ambition: extending my bookcases to fill an entire wall of my home office. I am lucky enough to live in Wales, which for overseas readers is the main part of the UK: the separate countries of England and Scotland are superglued on to the right hand side of the border...

I'm a novelist, poet, storyteller and international tax consultant (no, really) who adores words, and not so long ago managed to win a national competition for Flash Fiction.

My Paranormal mystery series started with a very personal book,The Showing, but has now grown into a full series intended to run for 6 books.

Coming shortly will be some YA fantasy and a book that should be romance, but won't be (no happy ending, so a bit too much like real life).

There are some books for children, and my first love as a writer: my comic fantasy series The Banned Underground, now released by Red Kite Publishing and available here. Starting with The Amulet of Kings, and running through The Mystic Accountants and The Vampire Mechanic to Bass Instinct and The SatNav of Doom, each book is a stand alone work and the series can be read in any order. Warning: these books contain beer, pizza, loud music and an enormous joke count. They may be unsuitable for those without a sense of humour.

Bass Instinct, #4 in the Banned Underground collection has made the 2013 longlist for The Guardian newspaper's Not The Booker prize. Imagine! Me, on a long list with Neil Gaiman......

Described on The Guardian Book Review pages as Lord of The Rings as written by Milton Jones to the soundtrack of Led Zeppelin IV, I'd say it was worth a look.

Little known fact: I once flew my hang glider at night. Well, there was a full moon.